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Parisian Dreaming

Experience a Night In Paris - A Magical Evening Awaits

Our Parisian Dream theme creates a chic and elegant atmosphere that will transport your child and their guests to the romantic streets of Paris. With classic French landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower incorporated into the decor, your little one and their friends will feel like they've travelled across the globe to the City of Love.


Are you looking for something extra to add to your Parisian Dream Teepees? We would be thrilled to help you bring your vision to life and create a truly unforgettable celebration for your child. With our Parisian Dream Custom Package, we can provide all the necessary decorations to make your party feel like a dream come true, including personalized cake, cake stand, photo backdrops, balloons, and more. Ask us today about what we can do to make your Parisian dreams come true.


Price $77.00 Per Teepee

Off Peak

(Monday to Thursday Events)

Subject to Availability - *conditions apply


Create Memories with a Parisian Dreaming Sleepover

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